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Stop the Bleed

SSOC’s trauma surgeons in conjunction with St Anthony Hospital have been working diligently to help provide the American College of Surgeon’s Stop the Bleed course to those who may be the first on the scene at a trauma such as teachers, students, bystanders, etc. Stop the Bleed is a national campaign to bring awareness and teach basic actions to stop life threatening bleeding. Everyone should be prepared to respond to help prevent deaths caused from blood loss. Centura Health offers this valuable workshop to community groups, faith communities, businesses, and schools at no charge.
Those who take the course will learn 3 vital steps to help save a life after 911 has been called and is on the way:

1. How to apply pressure with hands
2. How to pack a wound and apply pressure to control bleeding
3. How to apply a tourniquet

In 2017 after the tragic Las Vegas shooting SSOC’s Dr. Robert Madayag (Trauma Director at St Anthony Hospital) along with other members of the St Anthony Trauma team were interviewed by local news outlets about the shooting and how Stop the Bleed can help click on the following links for those articles (Fox 31 Denver News and Denver Post Article).

This course empowers bystanders in a bleeding emergency to feel trained to help prior to the arrival of emergency crews. Please go to to find learn more about the program and courses being offered or contact Robert Hayes at 720-321-0607 or

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