Surgical Specialists of Colorado


Survivor Stories

SSOC surgeons are featured prominently in these patients’ survivor stories at SCL Health.

Dr. Elizabeth Brew provides lifesaving breast cancer care while also supporting the patient and their family through a scary emotional time. In Lauren’s survivor story Dr. Brew was the breast cancer surgeon for a young mother pregnant with her first child. The photo is of Dr. Brew with Lauren and her husband, Steve, at the finish line for Heroes of Hope Walk/Run which SSOC is the presenting sponsor ( Please click this link to read more about Lauren’s story: Pregnancy to Breast Cancer.

Dr. Eben Strobos is highly trained and experienced in providing and teaching advanced cutting-edge colon and rectal cancer treatment. He was the surgeon who provided Vincent with minimally invasive robotic surgery for his colon cancer treatment. This story also emphasizes the importance of screening colonoscopy for early detection of colorectal cancer. Please click this link to read more about Vincent’s story: Colon Cancer Survival.

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