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Women. Thrive Symposium 2020

SSOC’s Dr. Brew on July 17th, 2020 will be giving a talk entitled Breast Cancer Treatment and High Risk Screening at the Women. Thrive Symposium 2020 (virtual symposium).  Please go to this link to register and read more about the program:

Dr. Brew will discuss the current treatment of breast cancer.  She will describe the multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer, its diagnosis and treatment.  The different types of breast cancer, staging and tumor biology will be introduced.  Breast cancer surgery decision making including genetics and MRI scans will be described.  The importance of coordination with plastic surgery and the multi-disciplinary team is outlined.  This care is crucial to patient care and decision making .  Additionally, current recommendations for risk assessment and follow up of high risk patients will be reviewed.

At the symposium local and guest physicians will discuss relevant health topics ranging from the physiology of hormones to prevention of women’s-specific diseases and orthopedic injuries. Programming will also include sessions about population health, sports and wellness nutrition and how to work with your female physiology to maximize performance.

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